Rogation Sunday 2024

Every year in September or October we thank God for the food we have to eat. But in the particular state we are in at the moment, it seems appropriate to take a Sunday to ask him for help as well. Our farmers are facing challenging times for many reasons, and it is good to support them and pray for them.

So this Sunday (5th May) we will be using the morning service at Heddington at 10.30am to ask for God’s blessing on our farmers and all those involved in the production of food in our community, as well as reflecting on the role each of us can play.

Do come and join us if you can, or simply take some time to remember our farmers in your prayers.

29th March services

Services are now available via the “Online Services” page. However, if you prefer to download the video to watch offline, please use the links on this page.

This week I have two service options for you.

If you would like the full service of Holy Communion, please click here. There is also an order of service to download and print available here, but everything you need is also on the screen.

If you would like a shorter service with more modern songs, please click here.

If you struggle to hear my sermon, you can find a similar text here.

I hope you find something you can use.

With love, Matt