Rogation Sunday 2024

Every year in September or October we thank God for the food we have to eat. But in the particular state we are in at the moment, it seems appropriate to take a Sunday to ask him for help as well. Our farmers are facing challenging times for many reasons, and it is good to support them and pray for them.

So this Sunday (5th May) we will be using the morning service at Heddington at 10.30am to ask for God’s blessing on our farmers and all those involved in the production of food in our community, as well as reflecting on the role each of us can play.

Do come and join us if you can, or simply take some time to remember our farmers in your prayers.

Harvest 2022

Come and join us to celebrate the food we have to eat and to pray for our farmers and those involved in providing us with food. Gifts of food will be taken as usual to the Calne food bank to be shared with those less well off than ourselves. Do please check their website for what they do (and don’t) want.

The services this year are:

Calstone, 25th September at 9.45am
Cherhill, 25th September at 10.00am
Compton Bassett, 25th September at 11.15am
Yatesbury, 9th October at 9.45am
Heddington, 25th September at 11.15am

We would love to see you if you can make it. The services are suitable for all ages.

The Oldbury Benefice

Commemoration services

There will be a short service at 6pm on the eve of the funeral at St Andrew’s Church, Heddington. Please see this page for more information.

Additionally, the following services will be adapted as a mark of respect:

Morning Prayer (Matins) at St Mary’s, Calstone Wellington, 9.45am
Holy Communion at All Saints, Yatersbury, 9.45am
Holy Communion at St James, Cherhill, 11.15am.

All are welcome to any service, whether you usually attend church or not.