Ascension Day service *updated*

*** UPDATE ***

So, it did fail us.  Sorry about that.  I think it would have eventually let you start watching about 11am, so I’ve edited and uploaded a slightly better version.  It should be available by 12 noon today.



This Thursday (21st May) is Ascension Day. Traditionally in Oldbury Benefice we have a service in St Mary’s, Calstone at 7.30am, followed by breakfast. Obviously that is not possible this year, so instead I will (attempt to) live-stream a short service from St Mary’s churchyard at that time. If you want to follow, you will need to go to YouTube and look for “Oldbury Benefice”. You should find an Ascension Day service set to go live on Thursday at 7.30am. Do watch if you can.

This is the countryside, so it is possible that the internet fails us – in which case I apologise in advance!

Also, I haven’t got the means of showing you the words on the screen, just what the camera sees, so you might want to download this to join in.

I regret that public gatherings (and therefore public services) are still not permitted, so this is not an invitation to you to come and join me in person, just virtually.




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