26th April 2020 Informal service

Here is the video of the slightly more informal service with more modern songs.  There is a brief pause partway through if you don’t wish to continue on with the communion part.

If you want the text of my talk, it is available here to download.

If you want a craft to do, please download this picture and see if you can turn it into a picture of Jesus.  Or there’s this craft to colour in and use a lollipop stick to move Jesus and the disciples along the road.

In the sermon I mention resources to help us understand the Bible as we read it.  There are some that our designed to be read each day and follow either particular themes or sections of the Bible that you can buy at https://www.cwr.org.uk/store/t-subs.aspx.  A series I find particularly helpful are the “For Everyone” series by Tom Wright.  You simply choose a book of the Bible that you are interested in, and you read it section by section with some helpful explanatory notes.  Just search for “Mark for Everyone” or “Revelation for Everyone” or whatever book you are interested in.  The local Christian bookshops sell it, as do most online booksellers.




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