End of lockdown update

As you are all aware, we have reached stage 4 in the government’s roadmap out of lockdown. This means that all social distancing rules have been relaxed, including in places of worship.

However, we do not wish anyone to feel at risk either of catching covid or (via contact tracing) of having your summer plans ruined. We are also aware that some of us will need some time to return to feeling normal around larger groups of people. We have therefore decided to continue to follow the guidelines as much as possible for the foreseeable future. This means:

  • Please continue to wear a mask if you can – and you must wear it if you wish to join the singing, which will be kept to 2 songs
  • Please keep your distance from other people unless you know they are happy for you to sit next to them
  • Make the most of the weather – have your conversations outside in the fresh air
  • Where there are one-way systems, these will continue
  • While there is no legal limit on numbers, we have decided to limit capacity to 50%. This means that everyone can be certain that there is a space either side of them if they need it.

While we are sad that life has not yet returned to normal, we feel these voluntary actions on our part will reduce the risk of someone catching coronavirus, or being asked to self-isolate, thereby missing out on something they are looking forward to.

We hope to be in a position to relax these guidelines further in September.

For those who wish to continue to keep away from indoor gatherings, for whatever reason, we will endeavour to provide something online, although that will not always be possible.

Stay safe, and enjoy the holiday!

Matt and team